Sleep Serenity Balm

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 💜 Sleep Serenity Balm 💜
Infused with a chevron Amethyst which is visible in pic no 3.

This particular crystal belongs to the Crown & Brow Chakra.
It’s strengths are known to help alleviate pain as it acts as a natural pain killer (tranquilliser) which are further enhanced due to the ‘chevron’ patterns within the crystal. The essential oils used in this balm blend are:lavender (calming/relaxant),vetiver (insomnia/calming),sweet orange (chronic fatigue),frankincense (anti depressant/sedative),ylang ylang (insomnia/sedative). You can apply this in a number of ways- At night apply to the bottom of feet and cover with socks - apply to pulse points - use on arms and legs.
Vegan option available 🌱
Beeswax option available
(Please let me know which you prefer)

Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil,Beeswax or Plant Wax,Lavender oil,Vetiver oil,
Sweet Orange oil,Frankincense oil,Ylang Ylang oil.

This is for information only and in no way do I make any medical claims.
75ml jar