~Manuka & Lemon Night Cream~

6.25 GBP

Manuka & Lemon
  (Night Cream) 

Velvety textured smooth night cream. Lightly whipped with Manuka oil and lemon oil.
This soothing cream is the perfect night cream for troubled skin.
Manuka oil has long been valued for its healing properties by the Maori people- the indigenous people of 'Aotearoa' (New Zealand).
It is an anti-fungal, antiseptic oil which is often used in preparations to combat minor skin irritations. Also contains Chia seed oil which is high in omega 3.
This cream has been specifically created for use at night, as it also contains lemon essential oil.
The use of citrus oils can make the skin sensitive to sunlight (photosensitive) this means you may be more prone to sunburn immediately after using any product with citrus oils.